Yoju's Studio
Watercolors by Yoju


Yoju utilizes a unique blend of Oriental and Western style with eclectic combinations of China ink, gouache, suminagashi, pastel, pencil, crayon, and collage to create art in bold, striking colors and whimsical form that are a delight to view and an accent to any decor. Subject matter includes landscapes, abstractions, still lifes, celestial objects, Buddhist images, human and animal form.

Yoju has created over 2300 watercolor works, of which more than 2100 are available for viewing on these pages. While some 870 have been aquired in permanent collections, 1500+ are still available for purchase. Archival prints of many of her works are also available. Please inquire if interested.

Artist's Statement:
I express what I feel in my painting without adhering to a particular style. I don't distinguish between representation and abstraction, and am not bound by historical trends and tradition. I choose freely to use a variety of materials and methods. I like to paint common subjects including abstract, portraits, Bhuddist images, still life, and animals. I feel novel subjects and strange or unusual things don't last long and what is in vogue is only temporary. I find interesting meaning in ordinary subjects. For instance, I find it beautiful and enjoyable to paint even a small stone. I always observe nature and express my feelings through my work. I strive to work without losing my vitality. My outlook is always changing and I am ever looking for new things to observe and express.

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